Being official dealer and agent of leading world class manufacturers our company is delivering the following products and services to its customers:


• Compressors

• Pumps

• Motors & Drives

• High, Medium and Low Voltage electrical products

• MCCs, Transformers and Switchgears

• Valves

• Automation

• Static equipment, vessels, columns, reactors, heat exchangers etc

• Electrostatic Coalescers

• Internals & Trays

• Filters


• Various types of oil & gas separators, separations systems, including multiphase separation

• Wellhead control systems

• Produce water treatment plants

• Nitrogen, Hydrogen and other industrial gases production and separation

• Gas Sweetening systems and plants, including Amine, Membrane, Molecular Sieve, Solid Bed Scavenger

or Thiopaq O&G technology

• Gas Dehydration (Glycol-based Dehydration and Molecular Sieve-based Dehydration)

• Dew Point Control (Low-Temperature Separation or Silica Gel-based or even a combination)

• Hydrate Inhibition

• Light Hydrocarbon Recovery

• Condensate Stabilization and Fractionation

• Fuel gas treatment

• Dozing systems

• Firefighting systems

• Telecom & IT Packages


• Providing local support to EPC/EPS/EPCM contractors

• Project Management Services

• O&M Services

• Transportation services for personnel

• Transportation services for special liquid goods